Well done on getting your new appliance fitted! As it is fixed in place please follow the instructions below to maintain excellent oral hygiene while it is in place:

• After your appliance has been fitted you may experience some pain/discomfort in your palate. This is expected and normal. If pain relief is required, take what you would usually take for a headache. Ibuprofen has been proven to be effective. Dr.Daly recommends you take some pain relief straight away after your appointment
• Perio Kin gel should be applied around the appliance in the area shown once
a day. This can be purchased at reception for your convenience.
• Your speech may be affected for the first few days. This is normal.
• Use the wax to relieve any rubbing or discomfort as shown
• Warm salty mouth rinses are the best thing to use if you develop any sores or
blisters on your tongue at the beginning.
• Use your toothbrush with the tufted end as shown 3 times a day to clean
around the appliance
• The use of a water flosser is strongly recommended with this appliance.
These can be purchased at reception. Use 3 times a day as shown.
• Foods to avoid: sticky toffees and chewing gum, as they might get tangled in
the appliance.
• If you play any contact sports – an orthodontic gum shield will be provided.

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