These sleek trays snugly fit over your teeth, gently nudging them into alignment over time.

Teeth whitening is the first line dental treatment for brightening most types of teeth discolouration and works by breaking down colourant molecules inside the enamel of the tooth. For this reason teeth restored with composites, crowns, veneers, will not be whitened.

Your tray is custom made for you, and will allow a very controlled and precise application of the whitening gel to your teeth. The whitening gel contains 10% carbamide peroxide, which is safe and efficient when used as directed, gives minimal teeth sensitivity, and is ideal for overnight use.


1. Brush and floss your teeth.

2. Gently dab your teeth and gums with tissue paper to ensure all teeth are nice and dry.

3. Place a small amount of whitening gel into each tooth slot on your whitening tray. Be careful not to over fill the tray as it will cause the gel to over flow onto your gums, which may irritate your gum tissue.

4. Place the tray onto your teeth and wipe away any excess gel with a dry tissue.

5. In the morning, remove the trays and rinse them with cold water. You may use your toothbrush to remove any remaining gel from the whitening trays. Store your trays in a cool dry place, always inside its case.

6. Rinse and brush your teeth to remove excess gel.

7. Repeat these steps for 2 to 4 weeks until you reach the desired shade. Continue for 1 more day and then stop. Do not use for more than 4 weeks.

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