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Timing is of the Essence

Did you know the best time to offer orthodontic treatment to children is between 8 and 11 years of age? Not many people do!

Specialist Orthodontist, Dr Kieran Daly has over 20 years of experience and has undertaken extensive training to identify issues at an early stage of development, not noticeable to the majority.

Beginning your teeth straightening journey at an early age means you can avoid more complex and expensive treatments later in life. Earlier treatment sidesteps any unnecessary wear on the teeth and gives your child the optimum, long-term outcome and the best start in life.

  • Avoid complex teeth straightening treatments later in life.

  • We can offer non-surgical jaw correction for Children to avoid painful and expensive treatments later in their adult years.
  • At this age, we can guide the growth of a perfect smile by moulding the correct growth of the adult teeth, bite and jaw placement.


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Treatment time for children is twice as fast in their developing years, allowing the treatment to flow perfectly with the growth of their natural teeth.

As children’s teeth grow into their smile, this is the perfect time to start treatment. We can guide the teeth into the correct position and shape the placement of the smile, ensuring a lifetime of straight smiles and avoiding complicated expensive treatments later in adult life.

  • Dr Kieran Daly offers both traditional braces and clear brackets.

  • Wide range of orthodontic appliances, hand made at our very own in-house laboratory.

  • Outstanding results in half the time, avoiding complex treatments such as jaw surgery later in life.