Aesthetic facial surgery

Jaw Surgery

For those with concerns regarding their facial profile as well as straightening their teeth, Dr Kieran Daly and Dr Dylan Murray offer a complete solution combining braces and jaw surgery. This can provide optimal aesthetic and functional results. This balances your facial profile, in conjunction with aligning your teeth and your bite. This offers the best long-term solution for these concerns.

Kieran’s orthodontic laboratory specialises in orthodontic appliances for complex and intricate adult issues which assist in the creation of your dream smile. These specialist orthodontic appliances are custom, hand-made for each individual patient. Braces appliances aid a much faster treatment period for our patients. The results achieved by using this ground-breaking modern technology are outstanding.

  • In-House Specialist Orthodontic Laboratory licenced by ‘Cocconi Rapa Centro FACE XP Parma Italy’.
  • Combining braces and jaw surgery.

  • Balances your facial profile.


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