Orthodontic Dental Lab In North Dublin. Dental Lab technicians working in dental lab in North dublin producing dental models post braces, retainers and many orthodontic appliances during braces treatment

Dr Kieran Daly’s orthodontic laboratory specialises in custom orthodontic appliance fabrication, for complex and routine braces treatments.

These specialist orthodontic appliances are custom-made for everyone. Using advanced technology such as 3D printers, laser welders, milling machines and digital smile designs, just to name a few.

We can even add your favourite design or colours to your orthodontic appliances, just like this hawley retainer with an Irish flag.

Our modern in-house dental lab assists in a faster treatment period for our patients as Paulina our senior laboratory technician is on-site to make any adjustments needed using our digital orthodontic solutions. This creates an efficient workflow which greatly compliments our patient’s experience as our orthodontic retainers and orthodontic models are made on the same day as your braces are removed. Life-long results are achieved by using this ground-breaking, modern technology.

Using our advanced ‘Easy Driver’ system and comfortable 3D scans, our lab technician Dana can plan where to place mini-implants and fabricate the lab work from this position. Guides are created, to place the temporary implants in the palate in the same position as planned on the software. This assists in a much faster treatment period for our patients.

We can easily plan complex hybrid cases for expansion, distillation, anchorage, missing teeth and more.

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