Fixed/Train-Track Braces

Well done on getting your train-track braces fitted today. Here are some important tips to help you look after them:



Brush your teeth 3 times a day, after meals using these brushing techniques.

Use interdental brushes to get in between the braces wire and brackets.

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Use a mouthwash containing fluoride once a day, not rinsing your mouth out with water afterwards.

Food and drinks

Sweets, toffee, nuts, popcorn and chewing gum should be avoided. So what can I eat? Take a look at what our past patient suggests eating during treatment

Caution should be taken when biting into any hard foods such as crusty rolls, pizza crusts, apples etc. As they can break your brace, chop them up into smaller bite-size pieces before eating.

Do not use your teeth to open bottles or packaging as this can pop your brackets off.

Milk and water should be your main drinks. All other drinks should be avoided as much as possible and drank at meal times but kept only as a treat.


Sometimes the squares on your teeth called brackets/or wires can rub on the inside of your lips and cheeks. If this happens take a small piece of the wax and rub it between your finger and thumb to soften it and then mould it over the bracket/wire causing the discomfort.

Rinse with salty water and non-alcoholic mouthwashes if you develop any sores. Put a teaspoon of salt in warm water and rinse a couple of times a day to help heal the area.

Broken brace:

If any part of your braces breaks or comes loose, don’t panic just give us a ring and we will get you an appointment.


Today when you go home and after appointments in the future when your braces are adjusted your teeth might feel abit sore/tight/tender, this is normal. This can last for 2-3 days. It is because your teeth are starting to move. If pain relief is required, take what you would usually take for a headache. Some patients feel the more more than others and opt to take a pain killer before their appointment to eas the effects after. lbruprofen has been proven to be effective.

How do braces work?

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