Expansion instructions
What is a Hybrid RME Expander?

A palate expander is a common orthodontic appliance used during braces treatments for children and teenagers. The expander widens the upper jaw. This device is typically prescribed for children or teenagers whose upper jaw is too narrow to accommodate all of their permanent teeth. The expander consists of two halves connected in the centre by a screw mechanism that is slowly and gently opened by turning the screw once per day.


Expansion Instructions

  • Turn the expander once a day until your next appointment.


  • To turn the expander – you must lie down underneath a strong light, tilt your chin up and open your mouth wide.


  • Carefully insert the swivel key into the hole in the middle of the appliance.


  • Steadily push the key toward the back of the mouth until you feel the rotation stop.  Carefully remove the key once the rotation is completed.

A few more things! Firstly, well done on getting your expander fitted! As it is fixed in place please follow the instructions below to maintain excellent oral hygiene while it is in place.

  • After your expander has been fitted you may experience some pain/discomfort in your palate. This is expected and normal. If pain relief is required, take what you would usually take for a headache. Ibuprofen has been proven to be effective. Dr. Kieran Daly recommends you take some pain relief either before your appointment or straight after your appointment


  • Your speech may be affected for the first few days. This is normal.



  • Perio Kin gel should be applied around the expander in the area shown once a day. This can be purchased at reception.


  • Use the wax to relieve any rubbing or discomfort.


  • Warm salty mouth rinses are the best thing to use if you develop any sores or blisters on your tongue.
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Use your toothbrush with the tufted end as shown 3 times a day to clean around the expander.


  • The use of a water flosser is strongly recommended when an expander is fitted. These can be purchased at reception. Use 3 times a day as shown.


  • Foods to avoid: sticky toffees and chewing gum, as they might get caught in the expander.


  • If you play any contact sports – an orthodontic gum shield will be provided.

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