Bonded Retainer

After your braces are removed we glue a retainer to the back of your lower front teeth. This is known as a bonded retainer or a permanent retainer.

Keep it Clean!

Brush your bonded retainer when you brush your teeth. Special attention should be given to the gum line area. As with your braces, debris and plaque can accumulate between the bonding material and the gum line.

How to Brush:

Place the toothbrush at a 45 degree angle along the gum line and rotate the bristles so they massage the gum tissue during brushing. Cleaning between your teeth is also very important. We recommend that you use a pink tepe brush between the teeth, as demonstrated by the Nurse/Orthodontic Therapist, at least once a day. If at any time you are unsure how to use the pink tepe brush, please see our website for instructions.

Plaque can build up on the difficult to reach surfaces. We strongly recommend that you attend a hygienist every six months to have your bonded retainer thoroughly cleaned. The hygienist can also check that the retainer is thoroughly bonded to your teeth. For our adult patients you are entitled to a €15 PRSI teeth cleaning once a year. To avail of this contact your general dentist as we can not accept PRSI here

The bonded retainer is technically not a permanent retainer and although they are custom made for your teeth they can fail or become loose. If it fails there will be a minimum charge of €100 for its repair or removal.

We will review your bonded retainer 12 months after you have your braces removed and your bonded retainer fitted.

Your bonded retainer stays on indefinitely unless you ask us to remove it for you.

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